R&D Center

Uzun Hidrolik is one of the leading companies, who makes its own innovative designs under the roof of its R&D center thanks to its 30 years of know-how. It has adopted the principle of customer-oriented working by producing the most efficient and economic solutions for its customers with its own design philosophy for production and broad quality control methods.


The Correct Design is the Guarantee of Our Product Quality.


Special heavy duty hydraulic cylinders and special blocks of heavy industry must have high performance and durability under difficult and continuous operating conditions. Different technologies can be developed and applied in material selection, sealing configuration, surface coating selection and part geometry according to application areas. The highest life cycle that the cylinders can withstand is achieved through systematic engineering, accurate design and subsequent high-precision machining according to systematic production processes. This also applies to manifolds.

Designs are created according to industry-specific standards, and related materials and equipment selections are made and verified by the relevant analysis programs.

Upon request, we cooperate with LLOYD's Register, DNV, ABS and certify our products.


Customer Oriented Solutions


Design is carried out by experienced design and engineering team according to customer specifications . At this point, Uzun Hidrolik is  able to produce and present solutions in the most efficient and fastest way thanks to its smooth dialogue with the customer brought by its know-how. The designs are designed using 3D solid model programs, and after the customer approval, the production process begins.