Steel plants are the plants where high humidity, temperature and dirty environment are present and systems requires high strength and robustness. The hydraulic cylinders must therefore be designed and manufactured to withstand this working environment and maximize the long operating cycle.

Hydraulic Cylinders with high durability , different functions and technology are working continuously in Electrode Arc Furnaces (EAF), Continuous Casting Lines (CCM), Ladle Furnace (LF), Rolling Mill lines. Uzun Hidrolik serves for all these lines and offers custom hydraulic cylinder  with special coating of rods , sealing configuration and special raw material selection and hydraulic manifolds special designed for the sytem, which can withstand to very high temperature and dirty environment. Depending on application water wooling systems and position sensors can be integrated on hydraulic cylinders.

We provide services with special cylinder and manifold design and production. In this way, we maximize the long operating cycle in favor of the customer, creating an advantage in maintenance and energy costs.