Hydraulic cylinders and manifolds with different technologies are used in different systems in ships, ports, transfer of ships and offshore applications. These cylinders must have a choice of special coating, material and sealing configurations to withstand high corrosion environments, above and below the sea, to prevent the penetration of seawater and moisture into the cylinder and to operate in a low temperature environment.

A few examples of application areas are given below.

  • Above Ship and Port - Ship Transfer Applications
  • A-Frame
  • Ship Hatch Covers
  • Ship Crane Systems
  • Ship Skidding System Transfer Systems


  • Under Ship and Offshore Applications
  • Underwater Rescue Grabs
  • Jack-Up Platforms
  • Pipe Laying Platforms
  • Splite Hopper Barge Systems

In most of these systems, special sealing configuration that provide 100% hermetic sealing, special stainless materials that will provide high corrosion resistance, special rod coating technologies that also provide resistance against corrosion and sea wave impacts, hard chrome plating, nickel-chrome plating, zinc-plating nickel plating, surface diffusion technologies and HVOF technology are applied. In the same way, special geometric protection designs are made in such a way that the sea water affects the system negatively minimum .

The cylinders can be painted according to ISO 12944-5 / A5M.01 / C5M / M standard to provide the highest corrosion resistance.

Upon request, we cooperate with LLOYD's Register, DNV, ABS and certify our products.