Hydraulic Systems are used in wind turbines and dams in the energy sector. In these systems, as in other industrial areas, hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic blocks operate in different functions, different sizes and technologies. These application areas requires very harsh working conditions and high maintenance costs. In this respect, in some functions, the equipment is guaranteed for 20 years.

In wind turbines, pitch cylinders that provide axial position of blades have special design that will eliminate stick-slip effect and offer maintenance-free function. Again, the hydraulic manifolds where the valves controlling the system are mounted are processed from special aluminum material and coating is applied against corrosion.

Different functions are available in different sections of the dams. Cylinders that open and close sluice gates, mechanical locking cylinders for opening and closing ball valves, locking cylinders for lifting and locking the generator, cylinders in the area where the turbine servo motor operates, and cylinders that control the main output gap in the external steel construction are examples of these functions. Each cylinder has different technologies in its work area.

Again, according to fresh water environment and low temperature environment, special stainless material selection, special sealing configuration and special coating applications against corrosion are required.