Customer Oriented Solutions

Uzun Hidrolik develops , designs and manufactures special custom hydraulic cylinder for different sectors and demands under different operating conditions. Since the foundation, more than 4500 different types of custom hydraulic cylinder have been designed and manufactured according to the application areas.

Prototypes and up to middle size of serial production is carried out in a closed area of 7.000 m2 in Turkey.

The following equipment can be integrated on to the customized cylinders

  • Proximity switces
  • Position sensors
  • Stroke damping
  • Valves
  • Accumulators

Long life cycle of heavy duty cylinders is achieved through design and analysis with systematic engineering in our R & D center  and consequently through high precision production .




40-600 mm


up to 8000 mm


Max. 700 bar

Marine Industry

Split Hopper Barge Cylinder

Piston Ø400 mm / Rod Ø170 mm / Stroke 2250 mm

Steel Industry

EAF - Electrod Regulation Cylinder

Piston Ø420 / Rod Ø400 / Stroke 5200 mm

Energy Industry- Dam Cylinder

Piston Ø360 mm / Rod Ø140 mm / Stroke 5390 mm

Position Sensor Integrated

Steel Industry

CCM Segment

Piston Ø695 mm / Rod Ø650 mm / Stroke 370 mm

Hydraulic Press Cylinder

Piston Ø250 / Rod Ø220 / Stroke 420 mm

Hydraulic Press Cylinder

Squeeze Cylinder - Tire Curing Press 

Piston Ø250 mm  / Rod Ø160 mm / Stroke 15 mm

Other Industries

Aluminium Annealing Furnace Tilting Cylinder

Piston Ø300 mm / Rod Ø280 mm / Stroke 3050 mm

Marine Industry

Skidding System Ship Lifting Cylinder

Piston Ø250 mm / Rod Ø210 mm / Stroke 600 mm

Steel Industry

Slab Line Cylinders

Piston Ø320 / Rod Ø125 / Stroke 292 mm

Civil Engineering 

Piston Ø220 / Rod Ø125 / Stroke 2850

Position Sensor Integrated




Hydraulic Press Industry

Plunger Main Squeeze Cylinders

Piston Ø620 / Rod Ø600 / Stroke 350 mm

Steel Industry

Slab Ladle Turret Cylinder

Piston Ø608 / Rod Ø550 / Stroke 830 mm

Mine Industry

Filter Press Main Cylinders 

Bellows Integrated


Hydraulic Grab

6m3-Orange Peel Grab Cylinder

Piston Ø125  / Rod Ø80 / Stroke 500 mm

Hydraulic Grab

Clemmshell Grab Cylinder

Piston Ø220 / Rod Ø140 / Stroke 820 mm

Other Industries

Pipe Production Machine Cylinder

with Mechanical Locking System

Steel Industry

CCM Segment-Water Cooling System Integrated

Piston Ø400 / Rod Ø250 / Stroke660 mm

Hydraulic Press

Composite Press Cylinder

Piston Ø270 / Rod Ø255 / Stroke 1020 mm